GREAT NEWS!
Although you still must file a 990 return every year, there is no penalty if you skipped a year, as long as you file for the last fiscal year. If your PTA does not file their 990 for three years, you lose your non-profit status.
Also, you are no longer required to send confirmation of the filing to Texas PTA. They have a process to obtain filing information directly from the IRS. The Annual Tax-Exempt Confirmation Form is no longer in use.
Have You Filed Your 990 Return?
The IRS requires non-profit, tax exempt organizations to file a form 990 every year. This is an information only report.
Most PTAs make less than $50,000 a year, so they file the 990-N online.  If you are eligible to file a 990N, you may do so one day after your fiscal year ends. If your fiscal year end date is May 31 or June 30, you should have already filed.