Council is the middle man between your local PTA and Texas PTA.  Whatever we can help you with (amending bylaws, creating a budget, help with your taxes, holding elections) just give us a buzz.  It's important to come to our Council meetings with your Principal to learn the latest and greatest news or changes happening at the National and State level of PTA.  We also do our best to model what your local meetings should be like. Most importantly, we collaborate with our Superintendent and Board of Trustees to maintain an open two-way dialogue regarding policy issues that impact our children.    
On our home page, we've provided a calendar with important dates and also made available a contact list of our Council Board.  We are only a phone call or email away.  We hope you can join us and help us celebrate our 100 years of volunteering in EPISD!
VOLUNTEERING IN SCHOOLS:  Every person that is going to volunteer at the school needs a background check through the VIPS program.  You must register online.  
Here is the link: https://teams.episd.org/volunteer/EntryPointHomeAction.do