is free service to PTAs in Texas. It's a website where anyone can easily join your PTA online through desktop or mobile device access and make dues payment by credit/debit card. Have questions? We have the answer! Check out some frequently asked questions below:

Q1: How is related to PT-Avenue?

Texas PTA has partnered with the company PT-Avenue to create a secure, online membership database for our Local PTAs called

Q2: How can my PTA participate, and what are the benefits of doing so?

A member of your Executive Board will need to visit to activate your PTA’s profile. There is no cost to your PTA. The benefits of activating are numerous, including:

  • Your returning and new members will not have to mail/deliver personal checks or cash.
  • Anyone will be able to join your PTA from anywhere in the world.
  • Your PTA will more easily be able to track and manage your membership database.
  • Members who join via will be automatically reported and remitted to Texas PTA, reducing the workload for the Local PTA.

Q3: By activating my PTA’s profile at PT-Avenue in order to be part of, am I required to use PT-Avenue for all of our membership management needs?

No, this is not required, though many PTAs do find these free services helpful.

Q4: Does my PTA have to purchase the Financial Management System also offered by PT-Avenue in order to participate in

No. is free to PTAs in Texas. The PT-Avenue Financial Management System is separate and will incur an annual fee for your PTA if you choose to pursue this option. For more information, please contact PT-Avenue.

Q5: What information will my PTA be required to provide when signing up to participate in

  1. The name of your School District
  2. The name of your Local PTA
  3. Your PTA’s Texas PTA ID number
  4. Your Local PTA dues amount (total dues LESS $4.50 state/national dues = local dues)
  5. Grade range of your Local PTA (such as K-8, or 9-12)
  6. The address of your campus
  7. The Local PTA President’s name, phone, and email address

After entering this information, you will be prompted to create a generic login as well as a security question. We suggest creating a login/password that can be easily used by current and future PTA leaders.

Q6: After my PTA has activated its profile through PT Avenue in order to participate in, what are our next steps?

  1. Provide your PTA’s bank account and ACH information so that local dues can be automatically deposited to your PTA account. NOTE: Bank account and ACH is required for distribution of dues to the Local PTA. No funds will be distributed to the Local PTA until this information is provided.
  2. Ensure the Local PTA president and secretary have the generic login and the security question you created when activating your Avenue profile.
  3. Create user IDs and passwords for any members of your Executive Board who will need access to your profile and share this information with them.

Q7: Can my PTA provide a variety of membership options (such as a family membership, or discounted membership for students/seniors) through

No. Only standard, individual memberships are currently available through

Q8: How will someone find my PTA on

They will first be prompted to choose the name of your School District. Then a drop-down menu will appear from which they will choose your PTA. Local PTAs will be listed by the official name on record as listed by the Local in your bylaws. NOTE: It is important that a member chooses the correct PTA when using There are no transfers or refunds.

Q9: How much will someone pay to join my PTA on

They will pay the local dues amount you entered when activating your profile, and $4.50 in state and national dues. There will be an additional $1.50 processing fee for each sales transaction.

Q10: How many members can join per transaction on

There is no limit to how many members can be added in a single transaction on

Q11: How will I know that someone has joined my PTA through

Your PTA president will automatically receive a report twice a month (on the 15th and 29th) if your PTA has activated your profile through Avenue; it will be sent to the email address for your president that you listed in your Avenue profile. This report will list the names of people who became members through since the last report was issued, as well as the totals of local, state, and national dues collected.

Q12: How, and how often, will my PTA receive the local portion of payments made through

Within 5-7 business days of your PTA president being sent your PTA’s bi-monthly report, the Local PTA dues for these members will be deposited into your PTA bank account.

Q13: How will these funds appear on my PTA’s bank statement?

The answer to this question will be determined and posted here by the date of the first report.

Q14: When my PTA receives these funds, should we remit back to Texas PTA the state and national dues?

NO. Texas PTA will automatically withhold the member’s national and state dues before depositing to your PTA’s bank account the local dues. There is no need to include the names of people who signed up electronically through in any paper rosters that you submit to Texas PTA, and also no need to remit their state/national dues back to Texas PTA.

Q15: What about the members that I manually enter to PT Avenue? Will I need to remit state and national dues back to Texas PTA?

YES. You will continue remitting to Texas PTA the national and state dues for members who made their payment directly to your PTA via check/cash. To prevent duplication of members within your PTA records, we recommend that the Local PTA manually add these members in your PT Avenue member area, and remit dues for those members using a PT Avenue-generated membership roster.

Q16: What happens if someone selects “Life Member” when signing up to join my PTA via

They will be prompted to pay your Local PTA dues amount as well as $2.25 in national dues. Texas PTA is able to verify whether this person actually has “Life Member” status.

Q17: Should my PTA tell prospective members to visit in order to sign up for my PTA?

When promoting membership in WRITING (newsletters, website, social media, posters, etc.), YES you would include the link to However, when conducting a membership drive IN PERSON, it’s important that your PTA gives the prospective member the ability to sign up on the spot, either through a traditional paper form or by your providing laptops for them to sign up right there via

Q18: Will my PTA still be able to contact Texas PTA to get a copy of our membership roster?

Good news! By activating your PTA’s profile at and then manually entering any members who paid you by check/cash, your PTA will no longer need to contact the Texas PTA state office for assistance in getting a copy of your membership roster. It will be available directly to you via PT Avenue.

Q19: Membership dues for my PTA have increased; how do I make certain the correct amount is being charged through

When your Local PTA votes to increase the local portion of dues, you will need to update your profile to reflect the new local dues amount. Texas PTA does not have access to make this change on your behalf. Any changes to the State and National portions of dues will be automatically updated in your profile.

In the meantime, contact if you need assistance in finding a PTA to join.