Dear El Paso PTA Family,

After several days of travel on behalf of Texas PTA, I have returned home to San Antonio and wanted to immediately reach out to you. Since the tragic events first began to unfold last Saturday, you and the entire El Paso community have been in my heart.

Texas PTA denounces all acts of hatred and violence. As gun violence become increasingly more common in public spaces across the nation, this sense of fear and uncertainly so many of us are living should never be normalized. Our families and children have the right to attend school or walk through a shopping mall without the threat of violence.

To those families who lost loved ones and to those victims recovering from mental and physical wounds, we pray for comfort and healing. But Texas PTA understands words are not enough. It is time to stop talking and to start doing. Texas PTA continues to commit our advocacy voice to realizing the change that is needed by always putting the safety of our children and families first.

Please let me know if there is anything Texas PTA or myself can do to offer support to your community. El Paso is strong and it’s clear that your city and its people and culture are stronger and more resilient than any act of hatred.


Sending love and warm thoughts your way,




Sheri Doss

President, Texas PTA, 1-800-TALK-PTA